Introducing Eagles of New York
A Photographic Celebration of the American Eagle in the Architecture and Sculpture of New York City

The eagles of New York cling to terraces, towers, welcome
us from archways and entrances, and yet remain unseen. They are wonderfully hidden. But once New Yorkers see
the eagles they recognize how enriched they are by their existence, and fascinated why they had not noticed
them before.


Chances are they have seen them before, but not really noticed them. Why? Perhaps because walking down a street in New York City is filled with the accents and sounds of over 20 spoken languages, blaring traffic horns, the chatter of people on their cell phones, crowds of dozens at a street corner, hawking street peddlers, the spectacle of various ethnic groups, panhandlers, tourists, and avoidance the trucks overriding the sidewalk in the process of parking. A very dynamic city! Perhaps it is the focus on this overwhelming influx of stimuli that we don't notice these sculptural beauties that surround us.


Eagles of New York will revitalize the way you see this amazing city.

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